CPI offers a complete line of compressor valves engineered for specific applications with the highest possible flow efficiency and maximum service life. Included are:

compressor valves

  • CPI Ring Valves
    - Hi-Flo™ Valve
    - Radiused Disc Valve
  • CPI Plate Valves
    - Replaceable Seat Plate
    - Dampened Disc Valve
  • Poppet Valves
  • Indicator Ported Valve

As with every CPI product, quality is the primary concern during valve design and manufacture. Anticipated valve performance is thoroughly analyzed with our proprietary Valve Dynamics Analysis software to ensure long valve life and minimal valve power consumption to satisfy specific compressor operating parameters. Valve engineering utilizes state-of-the-art CAD/CAM to ensure quick accurate designs specifically for your application.

Replacement Parts

To improve or restore the efficiency and performance of virtually all compressor valves, CPI offers a complete line of premium quality replacement parts. These components are engineered and manufactured to assure interchangeability and optimum effectiveness.

Reconditioning/Service Centers

To accommodate our customers local need for quick turnaround, a complete reconditioning service is available at any of CPI's strategically located service centers throughout the world.