CPI 138 Lead-Free Material in Oxygen Compressor Service

(Application Brief 302)

Common compressor piston, rider ring, and packing ring materials, such as CPI 137 material, perform well in oxygen service, but contain lead to achieve such results. With environmental legislation becoming more and more restrictive around the world, companies looking to remove lead from their processes have used lead-free materials, such as CPI 303, at the expense of operating hours, with many only lasting 4,000 hours in typical service. 

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Eliminating Cooling from Packing Cases by Upgrading to CPI Polymer Alloy Packing Ring Materials

(Application Brief 303)

The use of cooled packing cases can cause many problems in service and during reconditioning. Upgrading to CPI polymer alloy packing rings can let customers remove the packing cooling system from their reciprocating compressors. 

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CPI Plug Style Unloader Actuator Upgrades

(Application Brief 304)

CPI custom designed plug unloaders can be retrofitted to existing cylinders and applications. The plug unloaders incorporate multiple design features to prevent gas emissions from entering the environment. These features include O-Ring style covers, O-ring jackbolts, polymer shaft seals, and vents to collect fugitive emissions.

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CPI Pneumatic Rolled Diaphragm Actuators

(Application Brief 305)

CPI custom designed actuators can be applied to existing cylinders to eliminate problems with old style diaphragm actuators. A key problem with old actuators is seal leakage which results in fugitive emissions into the atmosphere. New CPI actuators prevent this leakage with upgraded O-rings and shaft seals. As an extra precaution, a vent connection is supplied for the collection of any leaking process gas to the flare or disposal system. 

CPI Pneumatic Rolled Diaphragm Actuators Case Study (926.3 KB)

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