(Divider Valves - Distribution Blocks)

Divider blocks (also known as distribution blocks or divider valves) provided by CPI, precisely allow correct lubrication rates to be distributed to up to six points, reducing the size of lubricator boxes and allowing proper lubrication. CPI provides high quality accessories  and patented products (see No-Flow Devices  and POPR ) that allow constant monitoring and simplify troubleshooting. They are available in three mounting configurations to match the mounting arrangements of Dropsa, Trabon and Lincoln.

CPI carries a variety of divider blocks, including the styles listed to the left in the sidebar menu.

Advantages of Divider Blocks / Divider Valves

The single line progressive hydraulic circuit divider block, requires only one piston to be monitored to assure proper operation of the entire lubrication system - one moves they all move

Lubricator reservoir is smaller to accommodate fewer pumps - most systems designed to use one pump

Output monitored at the divider block is a true measurement of the quantity of lubricant delivered to the compressor. Extremely precise amounts delivered to each injection point

They are very simple to use and maintain

  • Less parts/shorter tubing runs
  • Simplified trouble shooting with accessories
  • Fewer pumps are responsible for the pressure and output of every lube point

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