High Pressure In-line Filter


High Pressure In-line Filter

Provides maximum protection for system components.

Delta-P Filter

Low Pressure Filter

The Delta-P Filter adapter filters lubricant through a 25 micron filter on the low pressure feed prior to the suction manifold on the high pressure pump assemblies. Filtering the lubricant prior to the pumps will keep debris from damaging the high pressure system components. The dual gauges provide an easy way for the operator to determine when to change the filter, based on rising differential pressure.

High Pressure In-line Stainless Steel Filter

S.S. Filter High Pressure In-line Stainless Steel Filter

The new S.S. filter housing is not affected by harsh environments (offshore salt environment or high concentrations of H2S gas) like the Aluminum filter housing, so it can be used for all compressor divider block system applications and all applications for our new chemical injection divider block systems.

The new S.S. element comes in 10 and 25 micron

ENVIRONMENT: Element is not affected by H2S as the old bronze element. Even if the crankcase has oil saturated by H2S, this new element and housing will continue to filter the oil and keep the compressor operating at peak efficiency. The old sintered bronze element deteriorated when it was exposed to H2S and plugged completely causing the compressor to shut down from lube no flow.

FILTER AREA: The new S.S. pleated element has over 6 times the filtering area compared to the old sintered bronze element in all competitors filters which means we have extended the life of the element and reliability of the compressor. Now we will recommend changing the filter element every 2 years in place of one year.

WASHABLE FILTER ELEMENT: Although we do not recommend washing any filter element, if the end users compressor goes down due to a plugged filter element, this new S.S. pleated element can be washed with a air gun and cleaning fluid and replaced in the housing to keep the compressor running until a new element can be ordered and installed.