POPR® - Pop Open Pressure Relief

Never replace a rupture disk again!

The divider block system is protected from overpressure conditions by the Pop Open Pressure Relief device, or ‘POPR’. This innovative device, only available from CPI, replaces the old style and unreliable rupture discs. When the divider block system over pressures, the "POPR" snaps open and diverts the oil to the lubricator reservoir, a closed container, lube pump oil supply line or back to the compressor frame. Unit "always" remains in open position until reset by the compressor operator. Once the system blockage has been fixed, simply reset by closing the POPR.

Guaranteed to work with all CCT, Ariel, Trabon, Lubriquip, SB, GRACO, Manzel, Lincoln & Dropsa divider block systems.

Remove the Atmospheric Rupture Assembly & Install the “POPR”.... It’s that easy!

POPR ™: Pop Open Pressure Release

Features of the POPR

ENVIRONMENT: Eliminates Oil Spills Caused by Blown Rupture Disc

SAFETY: Protects Operator from Possible Injury by High Pressure Oil Squirting from Blown Rupture Disc

RELIABLE: Opens at Specific Set Pressure to Protect Compressor from Damage

PROTECTION: Remains in Open Position Until Reset by Operator With a Simple Push on the Top of the Assembly

CPI POPR Leaflet