Monitoring Devices

No flow devices detect lubrication system failures and shut down the compressor before costly damage can occur to the compressor. Operating without meaningful system data, using inferior parts or relying on outdated technology is a high risk, low reward catastrophe waiting to happen.

CPI offers a wide range of reliable no flow devices including the state of the art proflo PF-1 which not only monitors system operation, it stores the system data for retrieval, analysis, and predictive maintenance. The mid range proflo Jr. is a direct replacement for the old technology DNFT's. It is designed for a long and trouble free life operating in even the harshest conditions. At the entry level, CPI offers the capture proximity switch that provides basic no flow detection functionality and easily ties in with existing divider blocks and system control panels. CPI also stocks mechanical no-flow devices.

The newest edition to CPI’s Proflo family of monitoring devices is the Proflo Eos. The Proflo Eos is an automatic adjusting lubrication pump that constantly monitors the quantity of oil cycling though the divider block via the signal from a no-flow shutdown device. When the quantity of oil delivered to the compressor unexpectedly changes the Proflo Eos compensates for this, always ensuring an optimum lubrication level.