Proflo® EOS - Self Adjusting Lubrication Pump

Over time lubrication pumps will wear and slowly decrease output throughout their lifespan on a compressor. The Proflo® EOS will automatically account for pump wear, and once the output starts to decrease, the EOS will adjust to increase the flow to maintain the desired set-point. By providing optimal timed stroke adjustments the Proflo® EOS will support lubrication oil savings immediately after install on your compressor.

The Proflo® EOS constantly monitors the quantity of oil cycling through the divider block via the signal from a no-flow shutdown device. When the quantity of oil delivered to the compressor unexpectedly changes the Proflo® EOS compensates for this, always ensuring an optimum lubrication level.

• Replaces the traditional pump manual adjuster
• Receives feedback from Proflo® PF1, Proflo® Jr or proximity switch
• Ensures optimum compressor lubrication
• Maintains optimum hydraulic locking of packing rings
• Increases performance of piston rings
• Reduces valve sticktion and carbonizing of elements
• Decreases emissions and carbon footprint
• Reduces downstream pipeline scrubber replacements