Customers throughout the world depend on CPI for their compression solutions. Years of collaboration with compressor manufacturers and users in the related industries has helped CPI develop their extensive knowledge of compressor operations as well as increase their high-level of expertise in field services, making it easier than ever to provide customers with the solutions they need.

With this knowledge and experience, CPI has helped drive growth in each of the markets that they serve. CPI’s designed and manufactured parts and services are used in the following key markets throughout the world including refining, chemical, gas transmission, gas gathering, air separation, PET, plant air, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), pulp and paper, mining and pharmaceutical systems.

Refining – For over a century CPI has been providing solutions for customers in the oil refining industry by providing the appropriate high-quality designed and manufactured products and services needed to keep reciprocating compressors free of damaging elements and maximizing operational value.

Chemical – CPI designs and manufactures a full range of high performance compressor valves, packings, rings, purge and emission control systems and also monitoring systems; all of which are necessary in order to properly pressurize processed gasses in a reciprocating compressor, such as one used in a Chemical plant.

Gas transmission  – Natural gas needs to be highly pressurized before it can be transmitted through pipelines. CPI designs and manufactures a full range of products specifically for compressing, filtering and monitoring natural gas so that the gas can properly and safely be transmitted.

Gas gathering  – CPI designs and manufactures the appropriate compressor parts needed in order to gather, process and transmit natural gases from one plant to the next.

Air separation – CPI’s products are used for reciprocating compressors in the air separation industry to separate atmospheric air into its two main components, nitrogen and oxygen.

PET  – CPI designs and manufactures compressor parts for the PET bottle making industries. These compressor parts are crucial in order for the compressors to pressurize air which is what blows the plastic bottles.

Plant air- CPI serves customers in the power plant industries by providing them with the proper reciprocating compressor products needed to filter out toxins in plant air.

OEM - CPI works with OEMs to provide customers with quality compressor products which increase reliability.

Pulp and paper - CPI supplies customers in the pulp and paper industry with the proper products and services needed for their reciprocating compressors to effectively create pulp and paper products.

Mining - CPI serves customers in the mining industry by providing the reciprocating compressor products needed in order to consolidate materials and extract the desired compounds from the minerals at present.

Pharmaceutical systems - CPI provides customers in the Pharmaceutical industry with the products they need to effectively develop glass and plastic products for health care providers.