CPI is qualified to give both professional and technically sound advice. This vast experience and problem solving capability has been significant in improving the reliability and efficiency of compressors around the world. 

The CPI research and development team’s depth of knowledge and expertise is often consulted to investigate very difficult or unique applications in which the available materials fail to perform adequately and to develop materials that solve those very specific problems.


Designing reliability and operational solutions for reciprocating compressors is a strong focus at CPI. Our history extends over 100 years in the design and innovation of critical sealing components for reciprocating compressors.

CPI’s capabilities in design innovation are firmly established and recognized as an industry leader in compressor sealing components technology.

CPI design engineers are proactive in the design and development of new and specific solutions for compressors and their components. CPI designs solutions and components to perform at the optimum levels of efficiency. We have the ability to analyze the performance of a compressor from valves through to pistons, with extensive and sophisticated computer designed solutions, 3D modeling, FEA and valve dynamics programs.


The CPI lubrication group offers the highest quality compressor lubrication systems available in the industry today. Our experience, commitment to excellence and innovative products, has earned us the reputation as an industry leader for introducing the latest technology and expertise in compressor lubrication.

Our Engineers and Technicians make it their responsibility to work closely with customers to ensure that the lubrication systems we provide are designed, assembled, tested and shipped to meet each customers specifications

The CPI Lubrication group designs divider block systems for all compressors in the industry, utilizing our extensive field and design application experience. Systems are designed to reflect operating temperatures, pressures and gas stream components.