CPI designs and manufactures a full line of compressor packing cases, intermediate partition packing cases and wiper cases for your reciprocating compressor’s piston rod sealing system. 

  • Precision machined from cast iron, bronze alloy steel or stainless steel 
  • All packing and wiper cases are designed to be easily reconditioned when needed to maximize service life
  • Available in cooled or non-cooled for use in both oil-free and lubricated applications to satisfy the full spectrum of temperatures, pressures and corrosive conditions
  • Designed to meet all environmental concerns and regulations including available vent and purge designed assemblies for fugitive emissions reductions

The packing case assembly is critical to the proper operation of the piston rod packing and the sealing of the cylinder. The CPI packing case has several important features that help to maximize your compressor’s performance:

  • Cylinder-end gasket to prevent process gas from bypassing the packing rings 
  • Precision-machined mating and sealing surfaces to prevent leakage
  • Provides passages for lubrication, vent, coolant and buffer gas as required
  • Flange with adequate bolting to maintain gasket seating and seal between cups at operating pressure
  • Recess in each cup to contain free floating seal rings

With the ever increasing concern for the effects upon the global environment, systems to control emissions are becoming even more important. As part of its commitment to its customers and the environment, CPI has a range of purge control systems that maintain buffer pressure and monitor gas flow and packing condition to eliminate emissions from packing cases used in reciprocating compressors. The purge-gas system prevents your process gas from escaping through the packing case by introducing an inert buffer gas into the assembly.

Packing case conversion

CPI can convert your existing case to a purge design. Converting your packing case to a purge-gas system allows you to monitor your packing ring life and comply with tough emissions regulations. Our standard purge design employs a two groove T-cup. If the length of the assembly is limited, a single groove cup arrangement is used.