Application-engineered piston and rider rings are available, specifically designed to meet your operating parameters. On-site blending and compression or injection molding enables CPI to maintain total control throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Provide excellent sealing capabilities 
  • Piston support. 
  • Available in a variety of designs and materials to best suit your application requirements. 

A range of piston rings, rider rings and rider bands fulfill the varied sealing and piston support requirements for reciprocating compressors, using a range of CPI Special Polymer Alloys, standard and special materials. Many successful field applications, using the unique range of CPI materials, have transformed both oil-free and lubricated compressor reliability, resulting in better sealing, less wear and longer running life.

CPI’s commitment to the manufacture of quality components is vitally important. Each facility adheres to meticulous and stringent procedures to maintain quality assurance to ISO 9001 standards. 

The CPI manufacturing process benefits from total control and traceability of materials, within-house blending and moulding facilities through to the manufacturing and distribution of our precision engineered and quality components. All CPI’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting edge production technologies of precision, automated and CNC machinery, operated by a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated work force.

Piston rings, rider rings and bands are manufactured in various designs: 

  • One-piece or segmental straight
  • Angle cut
  • Step cut
  • Twin Ring™
  • Double Twin Ring™ 
  • Two Segment
  • Pressure balanced

CPI also custom designs rings and has developed specific combinations for particularly problematic and demanding applications. This has also included numerous successful conversions from lubricated to non-lubricated operation.Pressure balanced rings are available, when deemed appropriate for high pressure applications and piston/rider ring combinations are also available for more specific applications. 

Large diameter piston rings up to 47” (1200mm) are custom manufactured for special requirements. A range of metallic piston and rider rings are also manufactured, using selected grades of bronze or cast iron, where operational requirements dictate.