With the ever increasing concern for the effects upon the global environment, systems to control emissions are becoming even more important. As part of its commitment to its customers and the environment, CPI has a range of purge control systems that maintain buffer pressure and monitor gas flow and packing condition to eliminate emissions from packing cases used in reciprocating compressors.

CPI has developed an advanced packing ring monitoring system offered in “MD” – Modular Design, “FD” – Fabricated Design and “FP” – Face Plate Design styles. The systems let you easily monitor packing ring life to ensure you are in compliance with fugitive emission standards. The MD Series monitors vent pressure, purge gas pressure, and purge gas flow on each cylinder stage individually. These three indicate the packing ring life. The FD Series incorporates multistage monitoring into one panel, eliminating the need for individual stage inspections.

CPI monitoring systems:
• Are designed and engineered for specific operating conditions, and are available for single or multiple units with automatic and manual operation

• Are specifically designed to comply with present and future EPA Clean Air Act regulations, including standards for control of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Volatile Hazardous Air Pollutants (VHAP)

• Adheres to API 618 guidelines; provides saving through predictive maintenance scheduling; prevents costly emergency shutdowns

• Has an optional “Bypass Start-up System” to put a quick seal on the purge gas side without operator adjustment during start up

• Can be retrofitted to any existing packing case

• CPI static seal provides the ideal solution to virtually eliminate gas leakage through the packing case when a compressor is inactive.

• Have all components engineered to meet or exceed industry standards

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Packing case conversion

CPI can convert your existing case to a purge design. Converting your packing case to a purge-gas system allows you to monitor your packing ring life and comply with tough emissions regulations.